NFA has united with ARA to form a better industry

American Recovery Association (ARA) is the world's largest association of certified, trained and compliant recovery and remarketing professionals. All members undergo background checks, must be insured and certified by an approved nationally recognized program, and are covered by a $5 million bond. ARA offers its own Recovery Management Software for clients as a seamless way to assign recoveries to ARA members, at no cost to the client. ARA is the only association in the recovery industry with its own recovery software so clients can utilize this technology to send assignments, view updates, condition reports and invoices with all accounts directly through the ARA website.

A non-profit trade association, ARA focuses on compliance training and monitoring, education and training through certification programs, legal representation and lobbying, promotion of member and lender direct relationships, networking, and a captive insurance program.

ARA's Home Office is located in Irving, Texas with a seasoned executive director and staff dedicated to the service of its members and clients.

NFA is now structured as a business cooperative, which means that it's owned and managed by a professional group of independently-owned recovery and remarketing firms (all of which are ARA members), aligned to build a quality-based option to current forwarding companies.

NFA now focuses on offering a viable alternative to lenders that are currently using the standard forwarding model, while regaining market share lost to the national forwarding companies. In addition to a centralized assignment, communication, and risk mitigation, clients will have the option of communicating directly with the agent if they choose.